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You have it in you! While in the Services, you fought battles, sailed through rough waters, and scaled impossible heights. Your heroics have always inspired and given us a confidence for plethora of possibilities.

The country is not only proud of you, but also owes you a lot. While this debt can not be repaid, ours is an attempt to contribute a drop in the ocean. We understand that the hardest part for Ex-servicemen looking for jobs is not knowing where their services skills are applicable in the corporate world.

SKILLSTER – The Heroes Team is an initiative to help you translate your military skills, knowledge and experiences into key competencies of civilian world of business and jobs environment. A nationwide platform to provide you strength assessment, personalized consulting, upskilling as well as a launch pad for your new profession. Our Employability Advocacy Services and Entrepreneurship Development program can help not just with your first civilian job, but throughout your career.



Hiring a qualified Ex-Serviceman is your chance to say "THANK YOU" to our nation's heroes.

Often untapped workforce, the ex-military talent can thrive in a competitive and dynamic business environment through their work ethics, team work, commitment, risk management, attention to detail and project management. They know what it means to navigate and thrive in challenging situations.

They offer highest level of leadership qualities, resourcefulness and integrity - invaluable characteristics that you seek in new talent for your business.



Battle Casualty soldiers and Veer Naris are our priority, and we are committed to offer them our services at no cost at all.

Also, we do not charge any fees to the employers who extend their support in offering a rewarding job opportunity to war widows and Battle Casualty soldiers.

Our employability experts provide ongoing “in-work support” to both the employer and the employee, ensuring our Battle Casualty Heroes thrive in their new job.