MILITARY SPOUSES: You have been the strongest pillar of support to your Fauji. Moving along with him changing friends’ network and children’s school every couple of years or managing family and his parents back home during the forced separation because of his field deployment.

To be an integral part of the Armed Forces you have put your career on hold. You are well educated, talented and capable to be a successful professional or to start off your own venture. Being a Fauji wife, you are resourceful, resilient, adaptable and used to making tough decisions. You have so much to offer to the world of work but not sure how to achieve your aspirations while being there for your partner.

We at SKILLSTER believe in you and are there to help you reach your goals and ability through our Employability Advocacy and Entrepreneurship Development program.

Not posted in a metro city? No issues! We can also help you explore many options where you can work remotely.

DEPENDENTS: SKILLSTER offers grooming of Graduates for Employability skills that they need to enter, stay in, and progress in the world of work. Our Employability Advocacy can help them discover careers and occupations most suitable to their education and individual personality type.